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Natural Food Color - Norbixin


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[Origin] This water-solubility norbixin is extracted by using the epidermis of annatto's seed as medium, through dissolved by NaOH solution or potash solution, which is then refined to get the product.

[Appearance] Red to red-brown liquid, agglomeration, powder or paste. Hue-range is from saffron yellow to yellow in diluted aqueous solution.

1. Easily dissolved in water, and its alkaline solution slightly dissolved in alcohol liquid;
2. With strong heat resistance fastness its color does not fade at 180 temperatures;
3. It is optimum condition when PH is about 8.

1. Be compatible with milk protein well, so it can be used in making cheese and the series Produces of cheese.
2. Used in the products such as cheese, margarine, cooking oils, noodles, ice-cream, bake products, beverage, cake and so on, especially for dried meat floss.

Using method
Add desired pigment to some water or ethanol solution and stir to get an equal
Solution, put this solution into your product for pigmentation.

The dosage reference
This reference dosage is in consideration of the dispensation of the color and luster reference GB2760.

The type Dosage( g/ kg)
The cheese 0.6
Butter 0.05
Pastry 0.015
Soft beverage 0.02
Sausage 0.025
The cereal product   0.07

[Pack and storage] 1Kg/bag, aluminum foil bag in carton barrel, and total 15kg (net weight) or package according to customer's need. Store in cool and dry place. Keep from sunlight. Preserve it by sealing it airtight.

[Shelf life]Twelve months (original package)

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