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Herbal Extracts - Broccoli P.E.

Broccoli P.E

Broccoli P.E
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1) It can prevent the cancer.
2) It has already been shown to boost liver and skin cells' detoxifying abilities. 

Broccoli extract has been shown to prevent neoplastic transformation by carcinogens in mammalian cells by inducing detoxification enzymes. To test whether broccoli could have other anticancer properties, the ability of a broccoli extract to inhibit the growth of three transformed mammalian cell lines was examined. The proliferation of MCF-7 human breast cancer cells, H-ras-transformed MCF-7 cells, and v-ras-transformed RAT1 fibroblast cells was measured in the presence of the broccoli extract and also compared to the proliferation of non-transformed cultured human lymphocytes.

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