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Herbal Extracts - Jujube seed extract/jujube extract

Jujube seed extract/jujube extract

Jujube seed extract/jujube extract
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Product Description
#Name of the plant: Ziziphus jujube Mill. var. spinosa (Bunge) Hu ex H.F. Chow
#Part of the used: seed
#Usage: In traditional Chinese medical science, the product is used to nourish the liver, calm the heart and spirit, control hyperhidrosis (sweat), and reinforces yin, have sedative effect, possess sleep-inducing properties.

#Chemical definition: Jujuboside A,Jujuboside B
#Content: (Jujuboside,By HPLC)
(Jujuboside A + Jujuboside B)
1% 2%

#Appearance: Light yellow fine powder with characteristic odor
#Identification: passes all criteria tests
#Assay method: The content of Jujuboside A and Jujuboside B in the product is determined by HPLC.
#Sieve analysis: 100% pass 80 mesh
#Residual solvent: Eur.Pharm

#It's application scope has bean expanded from the prevention andcure of the acute & chronic hepatitis to the aspects of antiaging,prevention and cure of atherosclerosis.
#In foreign countries,it has been used for making healthy food and drinks.

#Scale production and advanced process .
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