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Herbal Extracts - stevia extract

Stevia extract(stevioside)

Stevia extract(stevioside)
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Stevioside as a new natural sweet agent, been widely used in foods, drinks, medicines and daily chemicals, Broadly speaking, in all the sugar products, the stevioside can be used to take the place of cane sugar or gluside, Presently, stevioside is mainly used in drinks and medicine, especially in beverage, It is also used in the frozen food, canned rood, candied fruits, spices, wine, chewing gum and toothpaste, The dosage of stevioside varies according to the difference of products. It can be determined through repeated research and experiments so as to guarantee the quality, feeling and taste of product.

Referred Dosage of stevioside in Various Products:

Drinks 10-15%
(1)Improve taste\Reduce sweet-tiredness
(2)Extend shelf life
(3)Suitable for sugar-avoiding persons.

Medicine As per actual needs
(1)Lower cost
(2)Increase health-care
(3)Improve taste.

Frozen Food 10 - 25%
Increase sweet taste in addition to other points.

Canned Food 20 - 50%
(1)Clear in taste.
(2)Reduce sweet-tiredness
(3)Extend shelf life

Aquatic Products 30_50%
(1)Prevent going bad and moldy
(2)Avoid loose appearances
(3)Improve taste and lower cost

Candied Fruits 20_30%
Improve taste and Lower cost.

Flavoring 20_30%
(1)Improve taste and extend sheaf life
(2)Shorten salting time and prevent dewatering
(3)No brown stain

Salted Products 20-40%
(1)Fattening rate is zero(Cane sugar is 100%)
(2)I mprove taste and extend shelf life
(3)Lower productive cost

Toothpaste As per actual needs
(1)Extend sweet taste
(2)Lower growth of bacteria and reduce dentist disease

Beer 10_40%
(1)Improve taste
(2)Enrich and whiten foam

Fruit wine 50%
(1)Improve taste
(2) Reduce sweet-tiredness

Wine 10_20%
Remove the taste of hotness

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