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Herbal Extracts - Griffonia seed extract

Griffonia seed extract(5-HTP 98%)

Griffonia seed extract(5-HTP 98%)
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Product Description

Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract

Assay: 98%
CAS Registry Number: 56-69-9
Source: Griffonia simplicifolia

Appearance: white gray powder
Loss on Drying: < 1.0 %
Ash: < 0.2 %
Heavy Metal: < 10 ppm

5-HTP is a compound created in the body which is used to regulate serotonin levels in brain and central nervous system. According to the web sites used, a supplement of 5-HTP is said to regulate moods, help treat anxiety and aid in weight loss. They also stated that 5-HTP helps with insomnia and lower the risk of heart disease. The risk of heart disease is supposed to be lowered as a result of less anxiety and a more peaceful state of mind.

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