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Herbal Extracts - Tribulus Terrestris P.E.

Tribulus Terrestris P.E.

Tribulus Terrestris P.E.
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Product Name: Tribulus Terrestris P. E. 

Active ingredient: Saponins 

Content: Saponins>40% 

Part Used: Seed 

Product Origin: Extracted from the seed of tribulus terrestris 

Appearance: Brown fine powder 

Action and Uses:
Tribulus terresteris is a natural aid to help impotence, low libido, and male infertility. Clinically, it has proven effect in enhancing energy and vitality, and helps to build muscle and strength. Tribulus terrestris is safe to use and it's not a hormone. Tribulus extract increases testosterone levels and promotes muscle mass. It may also help to inhibit the formation of kidney stones.
Packing: 25kg / drum or upon request.
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