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50ML E-liquid(VG)

50ML E-liquid(VG)

50ML E-liquid(VG)
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Tobacco Flavors:
Tobacco,Cammel,Marlb, 5555,Ben&H, Hilto, Virginia,Tobacco,CubaCigar,Mile Seven, State Ex, DK-TAB. Menthol,Double Mint,Mint,Cherry,Orange,Stawberry,Coffee,Vanilla,Mandarin,Cream,Lemon,Melon,Pineapple,Rose,Grape,Almond,Banana,Chocolate,Kiwi,Peach,Watermelon,Green tea,Apple,Rebull,Cola,Carotene,Ginseng,Vitamin A,Vitamin B, BitaminC, Vitamin E,Coenzyme Q10,Coenzyme Q10+ Vitamin A, Coenzymen Q10+Vitamin B,Coenzyme Q10+VitaminC, Coenzyme Q10+VitaminE

All flavors can be made with or without nicotine. Nicotine strength can be tailored.

E-liquid can also be  VG Free.

Other special taste can be made as per clients requirement.

5ml, 8ml,10ml,15ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,500ml,1 liter bottles are available.

Customized labels are available.

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