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Nicotine Mixture(VG/PG)

Nicotine Mixture(VG/PG)

Nicotine Mixture(VG/PG)
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Flavorless nicotine liquid mixed with PG or VG from 24mg/ml to 500mg/ml. 
use 99.9% Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine dilute with PG or VG,99.9% pure nicotine is the highest strength,it does not contain any Myosmine,it is very clear and best for mixing E-liquid and Vaping!

Product Name: Nicotine Mixture(VG/PG)

Specification:2.4%-50% nicotine in Propylene Glycol
                         2.4%-50% nicotine in Vegetable Glycerin

Appearance: Colorless and clear

Odor:       unflavored

Common:     25kg/drum

Package:    1kg/bottle

Usage:1)Used in mixing liquid and Vaping
             2)Refill to the e-cigarette


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